Spring Netflix Watch List

Don't know what to watch on Netflix this spring? No worries check out my Spring Netflix watch list and find a little lazy girl nspo

If you didn’t already know I love Netflix.  We have had a love affair for about 6 years and I don’t see it ending anytime soon.  The beginning of every season is always exciting but one thing that I love is all of the new shows and movies that Netflix brings.  I have a running […]

Lazy Girl Problems

11 everyday lazy girl problems. this is how i am lazy how are you lazy?

I created this blog to document my journey from being extremely lazy to being a more productive member of society, a lady.  However, the past two months I have been extremely lazy and stressed out, which makes me even lazier.  I’m hoping that by sharing some of the ways I am lazy then maybe I […]

5 Forgotten Winter Essentials

Don't forget these 5 common forgotten winter essentials. Lazy to Lady

Well it is official winter is upon us.   Technically winter officially started on December 21st but this has been one of the warmest winters I have ever seen.  It just recently started getting colder here in Missouri which means that it is time to break out all the winter essentials.  Every season has their obvious […]