5 Lazy Girl Moving Tips

These 5 tips made it so easy to move across the country!

Hello Everybody! So it has been a hot minute since I have uploaded a post.  I was finally able to get one up yesterday but it had been about 3 weeks since the last one.  So many things in my life have changed but the biggest change is that I moved to Rhode Island.  That’s […]

5 Lazy Girl Approved Beauty Hacks

check out these 5 lazy girl apporoved beauty hacks. these will make your life so much easier and a little cheaper

I am always looking for easier and more efficient ways to do things.  When it comes to makeup there are so many little tricks I do to make the process easier and quicker.  Today I thought I would share 5 of the beauty hacks that I use all the time.  These beauty hacks are really […]

5 Forgotten Winter Essentials

Don't forget these 5 common forgotten winter essentials. Lazy to Lady

Well it is official winter is upon us.   Technically winter officially started on December 21st but this has been one of the warmest winters I have ever seen.  It just recently started getting colder here in Missouri which means that it is time to break out all the winter essentials.  Every season has their obvious […]