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Thrive Market Haul! Check out some of the many products that I love from Thrive Market!

About two or three years ago I began my journey to becoming healthier.  I committed to consuming more whole foods regularly and to being conscious of the processed products I was putting in my body.  And I’m not going to lie this process was difficult and overwhelming.  

Now let me clarify.  I don’t find it difficult to eat whole foods.  I actually really enjoy fruits and vegetables.  When I was younger I used to ask to have a salad for dinner.  I was weird.  Still am. 

Anyways, what I found to be difficult was everything I had consider when buying a product.  I become so consumed with the labels that I stopped enjoying food.  Was this organic?  Is this non-GMO?  Is this sustainable? Grassfed? Cage free? How many ingredients are in this?  What are the first three ingredients?  How much is a serving?  Is this a bad fat? Bad Sugar?

The questions kept popping up in my mind and I became completely overwhelmed. 

 But thankfully I have created a system that has made the process simple and enjoyable…


If you have never heard of Thrive Market then get ready because I’m going to change your life.  If you have a ton of questions rolling around in your head when your shopping for packaged products then look no further. 

Thrive market is an online membership health food market!

What is Thrive Market? 

Thrive Market is an online membership health market that carries a huge selection of foods, spices, cleaning products, homeware and so on.  To become a member all you need to do is sign up and pay the annual fee.  After that you can buy all the health foods and natural products you want which usually have a 25% to 50% discount! 

Oh and before I forget, when you sign up for a membership, Thrive donates one to a low income family! I don’t know of any other health food market that does that.  

The discounted products and the charitable nature of  Thrive are only 2 of the reasons why I love this store.  But there is one things about Thrive that I love more.  

My favorite part…

I mentioned early that when I started on this healthy lifestyle journey I found it overwhelming and difficult.  Thrive Market is what changed all of that for me.  

What I love most about Thrive Market is they tell you the values of the product.  This means that when you are looking at a product they will tell you if it is certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, paleo, ethically made, heart healthy and so on.  Not only do I find these values extremely important but I can even filter my search so only products with those values appear.  How cool is that!

One of my favorite things about Thrive Market is that they show you the values of the products you are buying!


Not only can I find products that I feel good about buying but the price tag I totally manageable.  People say that eating healthy is expensive.  But if you are doing it the right way, then it is very manageable.

I can go on and on about the many other reasons why I love this store so much but for space and time reasons I will leave it at that.  I have recently uploaded a Thrive Market Haul video to my YouTube Channel, so check that out if you want to see some of the products they carry!


If you want to check out Thrive Market here is a link


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